Classes & Activities

General Schedule of Weekly Class Activities

Monday (80 minutes) 5 minutes Announcements & Objectives Review objectives and the plan for the day
5 minutes Warmup Comprehension checks
65 minutes Application and Analysis Mini-lectures, problem-solving, small-group discussions to learn concepts of biology and scientific practices
5 minutes Synthesis Review the day’s objectives, take stock of what you have learned and what you still need to clarify
Wednesday (80 minutes) 5 minutes Announcements & Objectives Review the plan for the day
5 minutes Warmup Comprehension check
65 minutes Analysis and Application Activities that help you apply the concepts and analyze their implications (case studies, mini-lectures, problems, models)
5 minutes Metacognition Taking stock of where I was, where I am now, and where I am going

In order for you to earn credit for your homework and in-class work, please make sure to follow these policies:

1. Turn in homework at the beginning of class, and in-class work at the conclusion of the class period. Late work is not accepted for credit.

2. Only top (original) sheets from your carbonless notebook will be considered for credit.

3. In the header, write (clearly) your full name, your group’s name, the date, and the name of the activity (this will be specified in each class period).

4. If you have multiple sheets, they must be stapled together. Folded, dog-eared sheets will not be considered for credit. (This is why one of your course materials is a small stapler!)

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